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“We are very happy to provide the following testimonial concerning the service we have received and continue to receive from Robert Wright at BMB Private Wealth.

We are complete novices with investments and anything to do with the stock market and have found Robert to always be available to answer any questions that we have relating to our portfolio and superannuation fund.

Robert knows that we were looking for sound investments that will make us financially secure in the long term and we feel that the investments he has made for us and continues to make will do that. He updates us with any changes he feels needs to be made with the portfolio and always explains the reasons for doing so.

During the time we have been working with Robert (since 2016) we are gradually gaining an understanding of the investment market and have found that he readily answers any queries that we put to him. We feel very comfortable during our meetings and really appreciate the quarterly reports that he sends.

We would certainly recommend Robert and BMB Private Wealth to any of our friends and relatives who maybe looking for a financial adviser in the future.”

Robert and  Annette, Boggabri


“Rob has been our financial adviser since 2008 and in that time he has structured our Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) with great advice, guidance and expertise such that our portfolio, through it’s diversification, has fared well over the periods of financial volatility and uncertainty.

My wife and I are now well into our retirement years and having the guidance of Rob as our financial adviser is very reassuring and comforting to know that he cares about us as his longstanding clients.

Although we are live in Sydney and Rob is based in Tamworth this has never caused any concerns with managing our financial affairs. We are able to communicate readily on any issues which may arise via the telephone, copier/scanner , and email.  Rob and his staff are always extremely responsive. Rob also comes down to visit us twice each year to discuss our current financial situation and what steps we need to take to stay on track. He uses this opportunity to explain details which help provide a better understanding of any changes both internally or externally to our SMSF and other finances.

We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Rob as a Financial Advisor to any prospective client who is seeking an honest, loyal, highly competent, dedicated, caring and down to earth professional to manage their financial needs in a trustworthy and stress free manner.”

Jeff and Pam, Sydney


“I have been working with Rob for the past 6 years.  I remember our first meeting and asking Rob to take my savings to the next level, I wanted more financial security. Having created my own financial plan for a number of years I needed professional help to make my financial plan better. Rob not only made my financial plan better but exceeded my expectations.  Rob wasn’t just looking after my finances he was looking out for me and my best interests.

Over the past 6 years working with Rob I have a better understanding of my finances, investments and I’m more financially comfortable then I was 6 years ago.   I not only gained a better financial plan and a fantastic financial adviser I also gained a good friend.”

Allan, Port Macquarie


“Deb and I were clients of Rob prior to the establishment of BMB Private Wealth.

Robert decided to establish BMB Private Wealth. He felt that at the bank he was in some ways shackled to the system which did limit him from giving advice that in going forward needed to change a little…..we felt comfortable doing this change.

We feel that we now are working on a plan that should suit our retirement without feeling exposed to the elements of total meltdowns in the money market. We are showing confidence in this group that appears to have contact with all sections of the financial markets. Very important as we feel that it is not a one man plan.

We would recommend Rob and BMB Private Wealth. They have come up with a few ideas that we think will help us through some tough times ahead.”

Gary and Deb, Tamworth


“We are a retired couple with a Self-Managed Super Fund, and Robert has been our financial adviser since 2015.  We have always found him to be easily approachable, with a warm ad friendly manner, and keen to give the best advice he can, after he has taken some time to understand our particular needs.

Robert has an ability to summarise and simplify financial advice and communicate that to us.  We have found him to be a realist, willing to provide and describe both positive and negative scenarios when investing.

We have appreciated his prompt attention to, and return of a call or email, to any inquiry we may have made.  His regular written reporting has been thorough and accessible.  He is reliable with attention to detail.  Robert is aware if, and active to implement any changes to superannuation legislation.  We have found him and his work colleagues and staff to be trustworthy and efficient.

We would have no hesitation in recommending him as an excellent financial adviser.”

Retired Medical Professionals, Tamworth


“I would give my highest recommendation for Rob Wright and BMB Private Wealth to anyone who is seeking to better understand their finances and plan for their future financial security.

My association with Rob began in 2012 when he  provided my husband and I, as small business owners,  with valuable advice on determining our superannuation needs and goals. We found Rob to be very approachable and he assisted us to gain a greater understanding of superannuation matters and worked with us to develop an effective strategy to pursue our goals.

My husband’s tragic death in 2013 dramatically altered these well laid plans and I found myself in a minefield of confusing financial regulations that seriously challenged my sense of financial security. At this very daunting time Rob’s friendly, practical, easy to understand advice allowed me to regain my sense of control over my future business and superannuation financial needs. Since then Rob has consistently provided me with relevant, constructive advice to help me tailor my financial strategy to my changing needs and attitudes, which is why I have no hesitation in giving him my highest recommendation.”

Deb, Quirindi


“The service provided by BMB Private Wealth and Rob to us since 2014 is that we have found it hassle free, easy to follow information with immediate communication regarding market changes and their possible effect on our investments. Added to this we have easy access to our accounts online at anytime to view their status.

It has always been just a call or email if we have any queries which have been attended to immediately.

We certainly have confidence that our financial security is being well taken care of which gives us peace of mind and no hesitation in recommending Rob to any future interested investor.”

Janel and Nick, Tamworth


“In 2000 we sought advice from a financial planner at our bank re planning for retirement. We were advised of how much we would be required to save into superannuation to achieve what was considered sufficient to maintain our lifestyle based on our expense profile.

“Rob became our Financial Adviser in 2010.  Since our initial contact with Rob, he has encouraged us with our progress & put into action investment plans to help achieve our goal.

He has kept us informed of global happenings which may influence financial markets.  He has helped us to understand the financial market & our knowledge has greatly increased.  He has always given us time to discuss concerns or investment options.  He always communicates his availability & responds promptly  when we make contact.

We have seen the value of having good financial advice. This has helped us to feel secure & given us peace of mind with the investment strategies that have led us into retirement.

We have felt confident to recommend family & friends to Robert Wright’s services & will continue to do so from our personal experience.

Trevor & Lorraine, Tamworth