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Mortgage vs super: where should I put my extra money?

It’s one of those debates that rarely seems to have a clear-cut winner – should I pay off the mortgage or contribute extra to my super? The answer, probably somewhat annoyingly, is that it depends on your personal circumstances.

Falling inflation – what does it mean for investors?

The surge in inflation coming out of the pandemic and its subsequent fall has been the dominant driver of investment markets over the last two years – first depressing shares and bonds in 2022 and then enabling them to rebound. But what’s driving the fall, what are the risks and what does it mean for interest rates and investors?

Australian household wealth

Households dealt with a cost of living challenge in 2023 because of high inflation and rising interest rates. Inflation is expected to slow in 2024 and we expect the RBA to start cutting interest rates by mid year which should ease the repayment burden for households with a mortgage.

As scams evolve, so can you

Raising awareness and educating yourself and others are important steps to help combat scams and even prevent them from happening in the first place.