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When You Retire But Your Partner Doesn’t

Many couples dream of sharing a life of leisure together. But what happens when things get out of sync?

When we think of retirement, we often imagine a happy couple strolling hand in hand on the beach. But even if you and your partner are similar ages, chances are you won’t retire at the same time.

Estate Planning Essentials

We’ve all heard the terms “estate plan”, “will” and “trust”, however not everyone understands what they mean. Estate planning is the process of putting in place structures to ensure that the wealth you have accumulated over your lifetime is transferred to your beneficiaries in a tax-effective manner and in accordance with your wishes.

Funeral Insurance: A Morbid Idea or a Smart Strategy?

It’s difficult to watch television these days without being bombarded with advertising from insurance companies, the latest trend offering low cost funeral insurance. It seems so easy, pick up the phone and within a matter of minutes you can be covered for the cost of your funeral.

Low Interest Rates – Both Friend and Foe

They are a boon for those with mortgages but not entirely good news for everyone.

Interest rates are now at record lows in Australia. The most recent rate cut announced by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) was made on the back of weak economic growth, low inflation and a rising unemployment rate.