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Economic and market overview

Pleasingly, global share markets fared well in October and recovered most of their lost ground from September. Locally, the S&P/ASX 200 Index returned 6.0%.

Why staying invested matters when markets fall

It’s natural to feel nervous when markets fall. News about inflation and rising interest rates may prompt you to make an emotional investment decision. But history tells us that markets trend upwards in the long run – and switching investment options at the wrong time can have a negative impact on your overall long-term investment return.

Booms, busts and investor psychology: Why investors need to be aware of the psychology of investing

Up until the 1980s the dominant theory was that financial markets were efficient. In other words, all relevant information was reflected in asset prices in a rational manner. However, numerous studies by psychologists have shown that people are not always rational and tend to suffer from various lapses of logic.

Alternative Thinking: Diversifying Beyond Traditional Asset Classes

Once a staple investment allocation, the traditional balanced portfolio of shares and bonds has had some challenges in delivering positive returns in today’s market environment.