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5 steps to better financial goals

There’s a lot of science behind what happens to your brain when you set goals. It can trigger new behaviours, increase your motivation and attention, and improve your self-confidence.

Why should I see a financial planner?

Financial planning is something more and more people are considering as a service they need to help them get the best from their finances and focus on putting their money towards what matters to them most.

How ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ affects your credit score

In recent years, ‘buy now pay later’ (BNPL) has become an increasingly popular method for consumers looking to purchase goods via instalments without resorting to credit cards.

Spring clean your credit rating

Lenders use your credit score to work out how reliable you’re going to be as a borrower. Whether it’s for a home loan, personal loan or credit card, having a good credit score means lenders will be more likely to lend you money.