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What you should know about creating your will and estate plan

If you want to protect your family and assets, it’s worth documenting what you’d like to happen if you can’t make your own decisions later in life or if you pass away.

Do you value your assets more than yourself?

The value we place on something tends to be very individual, and is generally a product of many different factors ranging from cultural background and upbringing to personality type and even life stage.

Constructing a retirement portfolio in a low return world

Portfolio construction is a much-used term that can be misunderstood. Fundamentally, the term portfolio construction refers to the process of selecting investments to create the optimal balance of risk and return.

Should you use property to fund your retirement?

Financial advisers often promote a diversified portfolio to reduce the risk of concentrating ‘all eggs in one basket’.  Still, Aussies love their property, with more than 2.2 million of us opting for investing in property, with almost 60% of those aged 50 or over holding property investments.